ESC Public Consultation on the Future of Europe

ESC President's message

Greetings of the President

The Conference on the Future of Europe, a joint undertaking of the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission, οpens a forum for debate with the European citizens to address Europe’s challenges and priorities and document their opinions on the future of Europe.

The European Economic and Social Committee adopted a Resolution on the Conference on the Future of Europe, by which it underscores its position that civil society organisations are crucial in identifying solutions to today’s challenges and asks that the EU and the national authorities recognise their crucial role.

In this context, the Economic and Social Council of Greece organizes a public consultation on the Conference on the Future of Europe, aiming to present the positions of the social partners and stakeholders of Greece on a range of issues, such as: A stronger economy, social justice and jobs (Session 1); Climate change, environment and health (Session 2); The EU in the world and migration (Session 3); European democracy, values, rights and the rule of law (Session 4). A final Declaration wil be adopted in the end of the public consultation.

This hybrid event will be broadcasted live online through streaming, in Greek and in English. It will be a great honor for us, if you'd attend our event, and be apprised of the speakers’ views on the future of Europe.

Ioannis Paidas
ESC President

Speakers - Moderators

Members of the Organizing Committee:

  • Ιoannis Paidas, President of the ESC
  • Michalis Alepis, Vice-President
  • Fotis Koleventis, Vice-President
  • Georgios Goniotakis, Vice-President
  • Apostolos Xyrafis, Secretary General
  • Dr. Martha Theodorou, Head of International and Public Relations
  • Katerina Tsoukatou, Administrative Officer